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Club Name: Makassar Hash House Harriers (MH3) Makassar hhh
Location: Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, INDONESIA
Runs: Every Saturday (Sabtu) at 4:00pm. Meet at Kios 3:00pm
Sex / type: Mixed (family) hash
Hashbar: Kios Semarang (on Pantai Losari)
facebook: MH3 - Info - Group
Mail: Pt. Markisa, Jl Gunung Merapi 166A, Makassar 90152
Hashsheet: Announcements on FB or by request.
Contact 1: HM Jan “Loafing Bratwurst” Brockschmidt +62 (0)856 0616 5008
Contact 2: Dr Hash Philip “Deep Passion” Rumandor +62 (0)811 410 311
Contact 3: Midha “Whiskey Donkey” Karim
Founded: by Bill ‘Wings’ Bergquist, .
Updated: 11/2/2015

Club Name: Manado HHH & Harriettes
Location: Manado, North Sulawesi, INDONESIA
Runs: 2nd and 4th Saturday at 4:00pm.
Sex / type: Family hash
Hotline: +62 (431) 824 151
Facebook: Manado Hash House Harriers
Mail: P.O. Box 1555, Manado 95001
Hashsheet: Email on request
Contact 1: Map/Scribe: Leoturd (431) 824 151
Contact 2: Hash Cash: Halogen (431) 815 850
Contact 3: SI: Cindy "Come In" Winata 0811 431 013
Founded: by Harry 'Leoturd' Loijens, Batavia Hoons, and 'KK' Kajihara.
Updated: 9/6/2011

Club Name: Palu HHH  
Location: Sulawesi, INDONESIA
Runs: No longer active.
Sex / type:
Hotline: (0451) 424493
Website: Facebook page
Founded: by Alun Phillips, Batavia Hoons.
Updated: 17/8/09

Soroako HHH
Founded on 30/09/1977 by Sandy Bonkers Bell ex ?
Men only hash. Runs every Monday at 17:00 all year round. ANNOUNCED: Mine notice boards
HOTLINE:(021) 360906
MAIL: P. Woodman, P.T. International Nickel
Date of Last Update:

Club Name: (Tana) Toraja HHH (Rantepao)  
Location: Sulawesi, INDONESIA
Runs: No Longer Active was Saturday at 3:00pm.
Sex / type:
Contact 1: Peter "Bird" Stolk (0423) 21616 (0423) 21790 / 21122(F)
Contact 2: Allan "Scotch on the Rocks" Bownes (0423) 23010
Founded: by Peter ‘Bird’ Stock, Manado.
Updated: 17/8/09

Club Name: Ujung Pandang Hash House Harriers
Location: Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, INDONESIA
Runs: Every Wednesday at 5:00pm.
Sex / type: Mixed hash
Hotline: +62 (0)811 410 311
Website: Facebook group
Mail: Kotak Pos 689, Ujung Pandang
Hashsheet: Kios Semarang
Contact 1: Philip "Deep Passion" Rumondor +62 (0)811 410 311
Contact 2: Alessandro “Papa’kulo” Ruju
Founded: by Peter ‘Frog Balls’ Goodwin, Jakarta, and Jean-Piere Spinette, Tom ‘Bir Stalker’ Angus, Gary ‘Reverse Thrust’ Schnaith, Jeffrey ‘Screw Diver’ Tarumingi, Mal ‘Slak Trak’ Cameron, Ross ‘Easy Bastard’ Archer.
Updated: 13/02/2010